March 2, 2021

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Betsafe casino – play on Blood Suckers and get 100% CashBack up to €50 if Suarez escapes ban

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Betsafe casino: Play €10 or more on Blood Suckers now and get 100% CashBack up to €50 if Luis Suarez escapes ban World Cup 2014

Betsafe casino - play on Blood Suckers and get 100 CashBack up to 50 if Suarez escapes ban

Betsson: Suarez bite attack pays off for our players

The most unlikely bet of the tourney has been settled. After Luis Suarez infamous bite attack on Chelsea´s Branislav Ivanovic last year, Betsson offered a bet on the Uruguay top striker to have another bite in Brazil. The bet was offered mostly for fun, with odds set at paying out 175 times the money. The crazy bite bet got viral as soon as the predictions got real – and echoed all over the world.

Suarez bite attack pays off for our players

Italy´s Giorgio Chiellini didn´t look amused when Suarez sunk his teeth deep into the Italian’s neck yesterday, but it was a real stroke of luck for 80 Betsson players – who won nearly €33,000.

The bet on Suarez bite attack immediately got viral: Fox Sports, ESPN, Metro, The Telegraphs, Daily Mail and the big Nordic newspapers all wrote stories about it. Just to mention a few. We had a quick chat with a few players to get some comments.

Suarez‬ ‎bite‬ ‪like Walking Dead‬ ‪Italy‬ vs ‎Uruguay‬

– It´s a rare thing to find bets with odds as high as 175 times the money. I thought this was a funny little thing worth placing a bet on – I can’t believe Suarez actually did it, said Joakim from Sweden.

The highly unlikely bet was just one of many special bets that we offer throughout the tournament. We have also paid out €13,000 to 82 Betsson customers who placed a bet on ‘will a beach ball interfere with play during any match’. Which happened twice during the Colombia – Cote d´Ivoire match.

– I tried to find bets that would be open throughout the tournament to give every match that little extra bite. I also have a bet on any player to score from his own half – and on a referee to get injured during a match, says Odd Rune in Oslo, Norway.

Betsson players were also rewarded with €1,000 on the bet ‘Will there be an animal pitch invasion during any match?” – A moth relaxing in the grass was caught on camera during the Cote d´Ivoire-Japan match. (Even if it might not be the animal most people had in mind when they made the bet – small insects are still animals.)

Congratulations to our players who took a gamble with these odd bets – and won – on our Brazil specials. We had a lot of fun when we came up with these bets and it´s even better to see it actually happen. Now you can bet on how long Luis Suarez will be banned from International matches! (The bet is up until FIFA make their decision, which is likely to take place soon.)

– I just heard on the radio he might get a 2 year ban – so I think I will place a bet on that as well, Joakim concludes.

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