November 26, 2020

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Betsafe Blaze Poker Black

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Betsafe Blaze Poker Black

In Blaze Poker, you will no longer just be running hot; your hands will be on fire!

Think back to the adrenaline rush you’ve felt when playing a really exciting game of poker. Now picture playing that same game, but instead of only playing a set number of opponents at just one table – imagine playing it against an entire pool of players at several tables! Because you don’t have to wait until your turn before you decide what you do with your hand, you can be sure that Blaze Poker will push your pulse to the max!

Regardless of your skill level, your style of play or your average heart rate – Blaze poker will keep your pulse up! If you don’t care for the hand you’ve been dealt, toss it and move on to the next, play it, move on to the next, and the next and the… heat is on…

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