February 27, 2021

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Bet you can’t lose!? Every Tuesday at ShadowBet

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ShadowBet boss, Jack Pot, loves to play blackjack and roulette.

He decided, that everyone should feel the same about those games. You know what he’s like… He always gets his own way. That’s why, every Tuesday, there is no risk on the first bet. To make it even more interesting, one week the rule applies to blackjack, and the next week to roulette. And so on.


How does it work?

You start the game & bet.

You win?

Pure fun.

You lose?

Next day you get your money back. Up to €5 to begin with, but it will be more, if the fun continues.

  • ShadowBet Welcome Bonus – whole year of Free Spins & up to €1200
  • Happy Hours every Wednesday. 10 Free Spins for everyone
  • Meet Shadow Treasures – play games > level up > win rewards

Promotion rules

  1. Every Tuesday, from 12:01 am till 11:59 pm, first bet on certain games is without risk of losing.
  2. If you lose your first bet, we will give you 100% of what you bid, a maximum amount of €5.
  3. Only the first bet is risk-free. This rule does not apply to next bets, even if you win the first one.
  4. Money will appear in your account before 11:59 pm the next working day in a form of a bonus, that must be wagered.
  5. If you want to take part in this promotion, you must make at least one deposit of €10, 6 days prior (counting from Wednesday 12:01 am till Monday 11:59 pm) This deposit must be wagered at least once.
  6. ‘Risk-free bet’ has to be used in a designated time.
  7. This promotion will apply to roulette one week, and BlackJack the next, and so on.
  8. Promotion starts 02.08.2016 with roulette and lasts till further notice.
  9. Roulette games that this promotion applies to:

    9.1. European Roulette,

    9.2. American Roulette,

    9.3. French Roulette,

    9.4. Premier Roulette Diamond Edition,

    9.5. Roulette Advanced – High Limit,

    9.6. Roulette.

  10. BlackJack games that this promotion applies to:

    10.1. Blackjack (5 box) low limit,

    10.2. Blackjack classic,

    10.3. Blackjack (5 box) high limit,

    10.4. Blackjack pro (3 box) low limit,

    10.5. Blackjack pro (3 box),

    10.6. Blackjack pro (3 box) high limit,

    10.7. Blackjack Multi Hand.

  11. Cashback need to be wagered at least 35 (thirty five) times before the funds can be withdrawn or played on other products.
  12. Other matters not mentioned in the Rules, are included in Bonus Rules.
  13. Shadow Bet reserves the right to withhold a reward in case of rules violation.
  14. Shadow Bet reserves the right to change rules, end promotions or withhold rewards in case of rules being breached.
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