November 27, 2020

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Bet At Home: MON€YBALL Jackpot lottery tickets

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Bet At Home: MON€YBALL Jackpot lottery tickets
Bet At Home: MON€YBALL Jackpot lottery tickets

For every 10 EUR stake you place we’ll give you a MON€YBALL lottery ticket with four lucky numbers. You will automatically be entered to win the jackpot in’s monthly draw, which will be shown live on And the jackpot is immense: it gets bigger with EVERY bet placed with us! And you can easily increase your chance of winning at any time…
Bet now and collect MON€YBALL lottery tickets!

Winning Levels:

Level 1: 4 correct lucky numbersLevel 2: 3 correct lucky numbers

Next MON€YBALL draw: 05.11.2012 19:00 (CET)


  • All customers automatically participate in the MON€YBALL promotion. Registration is not required.
  • For every bet with a minimum stake of 10 euro and minimum total odds of 1.20, the customer will automatically receive aMON€YBALL lottery ticket with four lucky numbers. This lottery ticket is valid for the next draw. In the case of larger stakes, aMON€YBALL lottery ticket will be granted for every 10 euro (minimum total odds 1.20).
  • If the betting account is not in euro, then the following minimum stakes apply: 8 GBP, 12 USD, 10 CHF, 75 DKK, 45 PLN,250 CZK, 25 YTL, 20 BGN, 450 RUB, 50 RON, and 85 SEK.
  • Every customer can see their personal MON€YBALL lottery tickets under “MY LOTTERY TICKETS”.
  • The deadline for lottery tickets is 19:00 (CET) on the day of the draw. Any lottery tickets received after this time will be valid for the following draw.
  • The MON€YBALL promotion applies to Sports, Live, and Society betting. The products Greyhounds, Casino, Live Casino, Games and Poker are not part of the promotion and you will not receive any lottery tickets with these services.
  • It is irrelevant whether a bet is won, lost or calculated at odds of 1.00. The MON€YBALL lottery ticket will remain valid.
  • The jackpot amount will be regularly updated and always available to view at
  • The size of the jackpot depends on the sum of every stake from every bet placed at
  • Distribution of payout: 88% of the jackpot sum will be given to the customer whose MON€YBALL lottery ticket has all 4 lucky numbers (Level 1). If more than one customer has 4 correct lucky numbers, then the money will be shared equally between them. The remaining 12% of the jackpot will be shared equally between customers whose MON€YBALL lottery ticket has 3 correct lucky numbers (Level 2).
  • The MON€YBALL draw will be broadcast live on Four numbers will be chosen at random between 01 and 99, with each number appearing only once.
  • If a particular level has no winners, then the money will be rolled over to the next MON€YBALL draw (jackpot principle).
  • All winnings will be transferred within 24 hours to the account and are non-transferable. If a winning customer’s betting account is not in euro, then will refer to current daily exchange rates in order to transfer the winnings in the currency of the account.
  • reserves the right to amend or cancel this offer at any time at its own discretion.

Date of publication: 01.10.2012 12:00(CET)
Expiry date of offer: open
Version number: 1.0

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