February 27, 2021

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Another jackpot winner at LeoVegas! Joakim from Sweden (Linköping)

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Mega Fortune Dreams Jackpot Winner NetEnt



Another jackpot winner at LeoVegas! Joakim from Sweden (Linköping) win 2,254,169 SEK


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I’ve just been informed at another big winner at LeoVegas on Mega Fortune Dreams again! Its not quite as big as the previous jackpot but its still a big one.



Country: Sweden
Name: Joakim
City: Linköping
Gender: Male
Stake: 10 SEK (€1,05) (£0,75)
Win: 2,254,169 SEK (€238,667)   (£168,764)
Time: 23:45 (CET)



He said that he didn’t get much sleep yesterday and was a bit tired now. Since the win came so late yesterday, he didn’t really want to wake anyone up to share the news. He has a friend that plays at LeoVegas and he had been recommended to try it out. He deposited SEK 100 to try it out and the rest is history..
LeoVegas - 100k Summer Spectacular Jack and the Beanstalk
Here are a few questions that asked him..
What were your thoughts when you won the Jackpot?
– I asked myself, what happened now? And I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I knew that it is possible to win big with small stakes but I couldn’t dream about something like this. I didn’t play for longer than 10-20 minutes before I hit the Jackpot! 
In what situation were you?
– I was at home. I was recommended to try LeoVegas by a friend so I decided to try playing before going to bed.
What are you planning to do with the money?
– I haven’t really had time to think about it yet. I think I need to let this sink in first…For sure I will travel somewhere warm, maybe even around the world!?
Which is your favourite game?
Mega Fortune Dreams! No doubt!
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