December 4, 2020

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Angry Alien – Emerald Endor – CasinoSaga – BOSS description

1 min read

Angry Alien- Emerald Endor CasinoSaga Boss

Angry Alien – Emerald Endor

Short characteristics

  • Excellent in: Alien Robots
  • His treasure: his pistol
  • Personality type: killer
  • Tone of voice: strident

Long version:

By contrast to Crazy Alien, Angry Alien left his previous planet in search of a place where everybody likes casino games. In his previous place he was the only casino lover and he was often excluded from society. . And here he is, on the Saga Islands, the perfect place for him. Since his arrival on Saga Islands, he has managed to become one of the best players in Alien Robots, though he has found that there are many great casino players on Earth. To defend himself, he bought a pistol in case any humans try to fight with him. His strident voice reveals he has come from another world.

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