October 29, 2020

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50 Year PAF Anniversary 1966 – 2016

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50 Year PAF Anniversary



50 Year PAF Anniversary




Did you know that Paf was founded in 1966?


We are very proud of our long history of providing entertainment. We couldn’t have done it without you, our players. That’s why we want to give something back to you.


Our anniversary party will have all the things you expect from Paf – fun, surpises and gifts.

Here’s to the next 50 years!


PS. Our history would make a great book. If you want to see your gaming history we have tools that can help you.


On TV there was a new sci-fi show called Star Trek. In the charts The Beatles and The Rolling Stones were at No.1. And on Åland Paf was created to raise money for good causes

Pick the item that belongs in 1966

Pick the item that belongs in 1966

1 ticket

Bonus round

Spin the wheel for a bonus gift

Bonus round PAF 1966 2016

Day 1: 1966 completed

  • You made it through the decade and collected a ticket. Find out on Sunday 30th what you can win with it.
  • You won 5 freespins
  • Check My Messages in your account on Paf tomorrow for more details of your win.


Paf 50 years anniversary 1975

Paf 50 years anniversary 1988

Paf 50 years anniversary 1995

Paf 50 years anniversary 2003

You picked Flower Power and hippies. This 60s cultual revolution promoted free love and opposed the Vietnam War.




How do I win?

  1. Answer the quiz to collect each day’s ticket.
  2. Play the bonus round for free spins and gifts.
  3. What have you won with your tickets? Discover that on Sunday!




To be eligible to win you must have deposited money and played a game within the last 6 months


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