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5 Interesting Facts About Poker

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PAF – 5 Interesting Facts About Poker 


We all know what poker is by now; that poker players are always aiming for the highest ranked hand and we know the importance of a good poker face. Therefore, it is about time to bring out some odd and unexpected facts about the much-loved game!


1. Card games are nearly 3,000 years old


It seems every other person has tried to get lucky with a five-card hand hoping for the Royal Flush. But what few poker players know is that the very first card game was invented in Asia about 3,000 years ago. The four playing card suits (hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs) were, however, added to card decks in the late 1400s.


2. Texas Hold’em was invented in… Texas!


It may seem obvious to you that Texas Hold’em has something to do with the state of Texas and yes, you’ve got that right! What you might not know is that poker players from Robstown in Texas invented Texas Hold’em. The poker version first became famous


when the Robstown players introduced it to Las Vegas casinos in the mid-1960s.


3. Poker TV is big business


Poker is very popula on TV and right after the poker boom, poker actually ranked third after NFL and motorsports in America. Despite the fact that the poker boom period ended in 2006, televised poker tournaments have still a large number of viewers in both America and Europe.”

4. America loves poker


There is no doubt that the US loves poker. It is said that when Columbus and his crew reached the land of America, they picked leaves from the trees, painted symbols on them and used them as playing cards. History also has it that poker has been in the interest of many US presidents.


Richard Nixon, George W Bush, Dwight Eisenhower and Warren G Harding all loved to play poker. Today, almost 70 million Americans play poker and every third game is played with money.


5. There are about 130 different poker variations


The game of poker is well known around the world and each country has its own favourite version of the game. It is estimated that there are almost 130 different poker variants today, some more thoughtful than others. In fact, one of the most played poker games is strip poker! Online however, it is still Texas Hold’em that attracts most players.

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