January 17, 2021

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3rd Jackpot win in 2 weeks at LeoVegas!

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LeoVegas loves to roar about winners and in the last two weeks it’s been x 3!

We didn’t make anyone a millionaire this week but it was still a good spin with £1.85 (25 SEK) being turned into £44,600 (601,610 SEK) on Mega Fortune – congratulations from LeoVegas to Thomas!

So we have another sleepy spin being turned into a win – is this a sign?

It seems that being in bed is the best way to win right now because we have our third jackpot winner, who was relaxing by spinning at LeoVegas before sleeping. Thomas had been paying some bills when he thought he would play some slots – we bet he was glad he did now…

Mega Fortune Dreams Jackpot Winner NetEnt

Tick, Tick…BOOM!

He placed a wager of £1.85 and spun a superb win of £44k!

He had experienced the thrill of being in the bonus round on this game before but as he watched the arrow in the last round he understandably choked up, seeing those numbers on your screen is sensational.

Thomas has gone from having some tough years to a big smile thanks to his winning spin because now he can pay off his debts and treat himself to something nice – we love wins which help.

He said it feels like a dream he is about to wake up from, so we gave him a pinch to show him he is already awake and paid out his winnings. We hope that the heavy weight he had has now been lifted from his shoulders.

Even though Thomas won a life changing amount on Mega Fortune he still does not have a favourite game because he enjoys playing on many different slot games but one thing is for sure, this dreamy slot will always have a special place in his heart.

LeoVegas is the only place you can play BOTH millionaire making slot games; Mega Fortune and Mega Fortune Dreams.

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