October 26, 2020

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10Bet – January 2014 Sale – 20% Cashback on All Games!

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10Bet Casino Promotion


10Bet – January 2014 Sale – 20% Cashback on All Games!

What’s better than Christmas? The January Sales of course!

And as the season of giving makes way for the season of great deals, we’re pulling out all the stops here at 10Bet Casino to show you REAL value for money – a ton of cashback and a 20% higher chance of a massive win every day this month.

10Bet - January Sale - 20 proc Cashback on All Games

Here’s how it works…

  • Deposit as little as €50 to casino on any day during January
  • Play any of our fab games the same day
  • Get Paid 20% cashback the next day on the amount played that didn’t bring you a win

It’s the perfect chance for YOU to get that ‘casino edge’ – even if the house wins, so do you!

And with up to €100 cashback on the table every day this month, that’s a lot of extra jackpot shots… it only takes one to win. 😉

So come and join us for a ton of cashback that could turn into the deal of the century.

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